What is a concierge practice?

Concierge medicine seeks to reestablish the doctor-patient relationship as it has been in the past. A concierge physician takes care of a limited number of patients, provides them with direct access to him and availability 24/7. As a result, the doctor-patient relationship is reinvigorated. In exchange for these "concierge" services, patients pay a fee (usually annually) that is not covered by insurance plans.

Are there any additional costs other than the annual fee?

There are NO additional costs for services that I provide.

Do I still need health insurance?

Absolutely. I strongly recommend that you maintain health insurance to help cover any required hospital stays, certain diagnostic tests, and services provided by other physicians.

Do you have a specialty?

In addition to my general Internal Medicine background, I am recognized as a Specialist in Clinical Hypertension, and am one of a select group of physicians in the country Board Certified in Clinical Lipidology (diagnosis and treatment of cholesterol disorders). As a result of my specialized training, I am uniquely qualified in the assessment and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

What can I expect during an office visit?

A major benefit of my concierge practice is that I have the ability to devote as much time as is necessary for you during your visit. There is no limit to the number of office visits, follow up is encouraged.

If someone wants a doctor that takes a personal interest in them, then Dr. Cohn is the one. He LISTENS to me. That is why I drive 200 miles each way to see him. My time is valuable, but he is worth the trip.
- Brad K.